Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 360: The King and I

              • Purple dress: Gap
              • Boots: Primark
              • Scarf: M&Co

Had a lovely cultured day today. I spent the day with my Aunt and we went shopping, visited the newly reopened and fabulous Portrit Gallery, had an early dinner and then went to see the King and I at the theatre. The show was really excellent.

I do love this dress and am trying to style it diffeently every time. I hadn't thought about pairing it with this scarf until I stood in front of the rack of scarves in my wardrobe. It leapt out and I really loved the colour combinations.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 358: Back to reality

              • Purple dress: Gap
              • Jeggings: M&S
              • Boots: Primark
              • Cardi: Gap
              • Scarf: M&S

Well the festivities are well and truly over now and its back to reality. I don't return to work for at least another week so have plans for catching up with things in the house, friends and of course the final pieces of training before the big run at the end of the week.