Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Day 339: Winter revamp

              • Shirt dress: Marks and Spencer
              • Black lst: H&M
              • Black boots: Primark
              • Belt: Primark

I have only worn this shirt dress a couple of times and both occasions were in the summer. I thought this dress was only for summer with the light fabric and short sleeves. However, this morning I decided to try it out with a winter edge and by gum it worked! AND, did you notice the belt? I swapped the matching belt for this elasticated one. My now rather less round midriff managed to let the belt do what it was born to do and flatter the look rather than turn it in to a lumpy bumpy mess. The only problem is that the dress is now much too large so it will need to go or be taken in! Not such a bad problem to have really.

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