Friday, 2 September 2011

Day 236: Cycle attire

            • Green patterned T: George @Asda
            • Black skinnies: Marks and Spencer
            • Denim jacket: Primark
            • Silver wedges: Dorothy Perkins
            • Heart pendant: Next (gift)

I spent most of the day in my cycling clothes so this outfit only featured for part of the day and saw me to the shops to do some messages.

I had the day off work as was due some time off in lieu. The cycle shop where I got my bike offer a free service after 6 weeks to check the bike is working ok. I didn't want to be without the bike at the weekend so made an appointment to get them to do it while I waited. It was a little adventure getting there as it meant going off the cycle path and on to the roads for a bit. It is also 5 miles from the centre of town so a good run for me. All was well with the bike and I got some gloves and padded shorts whilst I was there. Now I don't think that they actually count as 'buying clothes' as they aren't for fashion purposes and more for comfort, you may beg to differ.

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