Friday, 16 September 2011

Day 250: Resistance is possible

            • Mustard top: Gap
            • Black leggings: Gap
            • Black cardi: Marks and Spencer
            • Black wedges: Clarks
            • Necklace: Topshop

I was out and about again today, through in Glasgow at a meeting and I couldn't help but have a look round the shops after I was done. After such a stressful couple of days I was actually prepared to buy something to wear to reward myself. I headed to Primark as there isn't one in Edinburgh (although it is coming soon) to see if there were bargains to be had. And you know what, I had no trouble in resisting temptation. There just wasn't anything that I wanted enough which was worth breaking my shopping ban for. I am not sure what I would have done if there had been something perfect but I think I might just have been able to walk away.

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