Sunday, 12 June 2011

Day 154: Shorts and stripes

It is Inspiration Monday again, although yet again I am taking part on Sunday. Hosted by the lovely Megan and Nora at Two Birds Boutique, every Monday participants recreate or take inspiration from a celebrity look and this week the look belongs to the lovely Liv.

Liv Tyler


              • Top: Gap
              • Shorts: Marks and Spencer
              • Tights: Marks and Spencer
              • Wedges: Clarks
              • Flower: H&M
              • Sunglasses: Principles

    Liv looks lovely in her outfit which makes me think a bit of Paris. Taking that as inspiration I decided to try out the stripes and shorts, which I would normally shy away from. I also decided to kill two birds with one stone and use the outfit to participate in the Everybody Everywear lace challenge with these tights. I am not sure if they work or are an unnecessary distraction.



    1. You are adorable! Take off those glasses and rock!
      I think the tights are great and you pegged the outfit!

    2. i am a huge fan of tights and shorts together, and i love i say they work!! great look!

    3. They work! Love your striped shirt too!! Looks great! Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

    4. Lori, I'm doing lace tomorrow...same reason. I do like your tights! Debbie

    5. Ack. You are killing two birds with one stone, I just hope those two birds are not Two Birds bloggers, because I love them!
      Thanks for joining us at EBEW!