Sunday, 24 April 2011

Day 105: Happy Easter

              • Polka dot dress: Matalan
              • Cardigan: marks and Spencer
              • Purple tights: Marks and Spencer
              • Shoes: Clarks

Despite my family being struck down with the lurgy I had planned to spend some of the Easter break with them so headed of today for some family time.

As I live in a 3rd floor flat it is not possible to accurately check the weather before heading out so I often look down on to the street to get a feel for what the passing population are wearing. This is by no means fool proof as there is no way of knowing if those walking by actually got it right or not when they got dressed, but it often helps me out. Today when I looked out a girl walked past in a short flowery, floaty dress, tights, brougues and a black blazer and she looked very cool. Despite not actually owning items like hers I decided to use her as inspiration and I deduced the weather whilst sunny was certainly not hot. Her dress made me remember that I had a floaty polka dot dress which could recreate the look. Now where this ability to recall forgotten items in my wardrobe was when I wanted to join in the Everybody Everywear polka dot challenge and had to sit it out because I didn't appear to own any polka dots I will never know. This is again the problem of having too many clothes and not enough storage. I located this dress this morning in a stored bag of what I class as holiday clothes. I have a load of clothes which I only ever wear on holiday and they only ever see the light of day when they are on foreign soil. This is partly because most of them are beach clothes and the weather here never gets hot enough for me to be wearing beach wear and also because I tend to be freer in my outfit choices on holiday and dare to wear things I wouldn't at home. Whilst this dress isn't beach wear it was bought for a weekend away to Paris, worn once on the trip and then found itself in the holiday clothes bag. I will have to get back in to that bag and see what other goodies I can dare to wear.

I was delighted to remember the dress and like the look I created especially mixing in the purple tights. Thanks stranger in the street.

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