Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day 86: Lacey day

              • Grey crossover lace top: East (gift)
              • Black skirt: Gap
              • Black camisole: H&M
              • Black tights: Marks and Spencer
              • Shoes: Marks and Spencer

I have only worn this lace detail top a couple of times and never to work but I decided to work it in to my work outfit this morning. The lace has silver thread running through it so I have always thought it more evening appropriate but not any more. There really is no point or fun in keeping items for occasions which may never happen.

I promised an update on how I was getting on after my Shellac manicure. This is after 10 days of wear and as you can see they are looking pretty chipped. The edges did start to look a little exposed about 3 days ago and I filed and trimmed my nails to address the problem but it was only a temporary fix. I was a little worried about how I would remove the colour as I wasn't given any instructions after the manicure and reports on the internet talk of special acetone removal pads which need to be soaked on to the nails. However, the chipping you can see is not so much chipping and more lifting of the varnish. Although the varnish still looked pretty glossy and the colour just as intensive I felt that it was too far gone to leave it another day so tonight settled down to tackle it. I was surprised to find it peeled right off and was gone within a few minutes. This may be because I had problems with the application as it seems to be far from the usual experience. My nails also seem to be in quite a good condition without any damage. Would I try it again? Well possibly. I put my nails through quite a lot of wear and tear over the last week so if I hadn't maybe it would have lasted longer.  I do enjoy changing colours quite frequently so having one colour for a fortnight is quite long. It is also pretty expensive for what turned out to be a 10 day manicure. I  am also not sure I could ever make it last a week but if they offerred a lighter colour I might consider it for a holiday as chips would be less noticeable and it would be low maintenance.


  1. Thanks Chantele, I did worry it was a bit bright and vampy for work but glad I went for it.
    Lori xo