Monday, 25 April 2011

Day 106: Polished off

          • Jumper dress: Marks and Spencer
          • Jeggings: Marks and Spencer
          • Worn with boots: Clarks (not shown)

Just chilled out today although had a brief visit to the shops where I bought some make up including a replacement foundation, a lippie and a new nail varnish. I have been looking for a dark sparkly shade of varnish for a while so recruited my dad to look at all the displays in both Superdrug and Boots for it. He was game and even paid for it when I found the closest thing to it - thanks Dad. I like the affect however this took at least 5-6 coats and that I think is just not acceptable. It was lucky I had the time sitting in front of the telly to do it but if I had been in a rush for a night out I just wouldn't have had the time.


  1. Hi Chantele
    I have been behind on my blogs too, but I manage to take photos daily and then have had to do a mammoth catch up blogging session!
    Nail varnish is way chipped already - booh!
    Lori xo