Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day 90: Whether the weather

                • Top: East
                • Jeans: Matalan
                • Boots: Clarks

Even when we are expressly told by the weather forecasters that the weather is going to be warm there is something inside which doesn't quite believe it. 19C in April, are you kidding? It makes choosing an outfit for the day near to impossible. Will it really be warm, or hot even? Will it last the whole day or will we be plummeted back to sub temperatures with the change of the wind? Will it be blowing a gale down by the coast or misty inland? Who knows. Well the weather delivered. I wore this top which is a top and cardigan combined. The patterned front piece is cotton and the back is a linen cardigan so it is just one layer and quite cool. I had a lovely day out with my mum and got a bit of sun as you can see from my pink cheeks. If this weather is set to continue, which I have my doubts about, then it will seem as if we have missed out an entire season!

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