Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day 83: Mothering Saturday

            • Purple dress: Gap
            • Grey dogtooth patterned tights: Marks and Spencer
            • Shoe boots: Marks and Spencer
            • Crystal bracelet: Dorothy Perkins

We celebrated Mothers Day a day early, partly as we weren't organised to book a table for lunch and then found everywhere to be fully booked.

We got a bit more dressed up than usual for a lunch out and I was pleased to be able to wear this dress again. It is a wool blend so there won't be many more opportunities to wear it before the weather becomes too warm. I also cannot imgaine not wearing it with tights. I have felt that I am close to running out of ways to wear the dress in different looks, which I am sad about, but maybe leggings might provide some new options allowing me to continue to wear it throughout the year? We shall see.

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