Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Day 24: Haircut eve

            • Black cardigan: East
            • Grey wool skirt: Marks and Spencer
            • Black lst: Matalan
            • Green tights: Primark
            • Shoes: Marks and Spencer

I am not one for regular haircuts and tend to make appointments when I feel I can no longer do anything with it. I have been known to cut my own fringe and even the odd trim is definitely not beyond me. I always have high hopes from a visit to the salon and then come out feeling that I either haven't got what I asked for or disappointed that for some reason the trim hasn't turned me into some ultimate version of myself. I am always on the search for the hairstyle that defines me, that brings my look together, suits my face shape, is slimming, stylish and just fabulous but it remains elusive. I have had my hair long, short, blonde,brunette, red, highlighted, lowlighted (?), straight and permed and at the moment I am growing it and would like it a bit longer. My fringe is troublesome, however as whilst I prefer to have one it has a tendency to separate. Last year I found a new hairdresser and he seems to get me and my hair. I spend most mornings trying to persuade my hair to take a curl and inject some volume and he has never offered to 'dry my hair straight' as many before when it is perfectly clear that just patting me on the back and sending me on my way with wet hair would soon acheieve that look naturally. So, it is due for a cut and seeing it on screen daily has made me make an appointment earlier than I might usually, I also want to look nice for my weekend away. Tomorrow I am going for a trim and maybe this time it'll turn me into a new woman, we shall wait and see.


  1. Good luck! It's time for me to get one too and I'm always back and forth on what I want until I'm sitting in the chair, at which point I tell my stylist to do whatever she wants! Haha

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  2. i like your 'about me'...i'm doing a countdown to see how long i can go without shopping!

  3. the green tights are great. I'll come back to see if the haircut changed you into a new women..

    Hope you can stop by and follow :)

  4. Thanks Melissa,
    love your blog and your feisty stories, following, hope you stop by again and follow ;)
    Lori xo

  5. Thanks Elizabeth
    Awaiting the first self wash and stle til I decide if I like it
    Lori xo

  6. Thanks Michelle
    Let me know how it goes. I don't know if I could hold out unless I have a target set.
    Good luck
    Lori xo