Friday, 25 February 2011

Day: 47 Fashion beauty friend friday awards

              • Grey cardi: Gap
              • Patterned tunic: Marks and Spencer
              • Jeggings: Marks and Spencer
              • Black boots: Clarks

It's Friend Friday again and this week we're giving each other a pat on the back and nominating fellow bloggers for the first FBFF blogger awards. I have been loyally reading a number of blogs for a few years but they certainly don't cover all the award categories and some actually don't fit in to any. However, I have nominated those who have given me the most pleasure over the years they have been with me. The others I have had to seek out and so far are impressing me.

1. Creative Juices - most creative
I don't read many creative blogs but I am certainly going to start. One blog I do check in with from time to time which is an obvious nomination for this category is my friend Jackie, who is from Australia but worked with me a few years ago in Edinburgh. She is a crafter and her blog celebrates her many projects at I Love Tuesdays. A word of warning though, as I know her legendary faddy diet I am not entirely trusting of her recipes. 

2. The Real Deal - authenticity
There is something very endearing about Christina at Second Skin. Not only is her style fabulous but she's not afraid to be completley open and lay herself bare from time to time.

3. Spark Notes - most helpful
Kristina over at Pretty Shiny Sparkly has a great all round blog but I particularly love her how-tos, tips and even recipes.

4. Newbie - best blogger less than a year old
I haven't actually paid any attention to the age of the blogs I read as I like what I like.

5. Can You Hear Me Now - most connected
I nominate Kendi of Kendi Everyday as she has a huge and dedicated following so is connecting to hundreds of fashion bloggers particularly through her 30 for 30 challenge.

6. If I had a Hammer - best DIY
The motivation of PS I made this is second to none and well worth checking out.

7. Tribe Leader - blogger who leads others and brings bloggers together
I think it would be rude not to nominate Katy Rose at Modly Chic since she set up Fashion Beauty Friend Friday which has brought a great blogging community together and not just on Fridays.

8. Practically Perfect - most fashionable
Jane's style at Sea of Shoes is awe inspiring - the designers, the colours, the textures and the shoes, oh the shoes.....

9. Paint by Numbers - best beauty blogger
I haven't really been reading beauty blogs so don't want to just nominate a random blog just for the sake of it.

10. Renaissance Woman - best all around blogger, fashion, beauty, lifestyle
My nomination is the lovely Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen who has been blogging for years and has had various blogs on style, beauty, pregnancy, being a mother and she is now doing amazingly well at weight loss. She really is a superwoman and I read her blogs religiously.

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  1. Thanks for the Tribe Leader nomination! I'm a big fan of so many of the blogs you nominated. - Katy