Sunday, 6 February 2011

Day 28: Jolly boating weather

      • Top: M&Co
      • Jeans: Marks and Spencer
      • Boots: Clarks
      • Hat: Marks and Spencer
      • Scarf: Marks and Spencer

Despite the sore heads and overall fragility we decided to go on a boat trip down the Thames to see the city from the river. The trip was fun and the crew gave an entertaining commentary although when we reached the Tower of London, the skipper announced it was the execution place of 'the evil' William Wallace, which we obviously felt aggrevied at. Still one nation's evil monster is another nation's hero.

We got back on the bus tour after disembarking at Tower Bridge and headed back to Trafalgar Square to check out the Chinese New Year celebrations, then went to the National Portrait Gallery, had a late lunch and headed to the train station for the last train back home.

Thank you my lovelies for a truly brawsome weekend.

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