Saturday, 2 July 2011

Day 174: Bike shopping and vintage

            • Green top: H&M
            • Grey trousers: New Look
            • Navy cardi: Marks and Spencer
            • Tan wedges: Clarks

I have been thinking about buying a new bike for a while and since I have no intention of being a hardcore cyclist (think more leisurely fairweather weekend afternoon cycling along the canal) I thought I would check out our local recycled bike station. So I headed out today to track down the workshop which only opens on Saturdays when they sell the bikes they have reconditioned throughout the week. The weather was so lovely I decided to walk rather than get the bus and in trying to track down the place came across a number of quite interesting charity shops. Given my, as yet unfulfilled, plan to investigate this as an alternative to High Street shopping I stopped off en route to browse (not buy). And I must say I quite enjoyed it. Some of the shops had a mix of stuff not just clothes so it was nice to look through all the bric a brac. In one shop I saw two tops which I still own and hang in my wardrobe and it made me wonder if it's time I was saying goodbye to them. I also found a string of my favourite red wooden beads in perfect condition which I nearly bought as mine are broken but as I have alreaday bought the string to restring them persuaded myself not to. I finally made it to the bike shop about 20 minutes before they closed to find virtually nothing left and what was, was more expensive than I was expecting and pretty beat up. So I am rethinking a reconditioned bike at the moment. 

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