Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day 182: Half way hooray!

              • Maxi dress: Primark
              • Striped lst: Gap
              • Shoes: Primark
              • Beads: East

This outfit could have counted as a layering look for yesterday's callenge instead it is the outfit which marks the half way point of my Lori's Wardrobe 1 wardrobe, 1 year, 365 looks challenge.

So where has this trip taken me so far? Well, yes the no shopping has been hard but I have now pretty much come to terms with that. A few weeks ago I did an update post on how the shopping ban was going. I talked about why I decided to have a year off shopping, how shopping makes me feeI and how I am dealing with not replenishing my wardrobe, how I participate in bloggers challenges to keep up my motivation and how I have learned to window shop without purchasing or anxiety.

I still have plenty of items in my wardrobe which I have not yet worn so am in no danger of running out any time soon. I have come to enjoy remixing and wearing items in new ways which has seen me try styles which I might never have tried before. I have also become better at using colour although I still have some way to go. I am pretty determined to keep going and learning about how I dress and my relationship with clothes and shopping.

I have realised that the weather has a huge impact on my choices every day as can be evidenced by how often I talk of the weather in my posts (boring!). The changes of the seasons, however give my challenge a boost and prevent me from getting too bored. Whilst we have very definite seasons in Scotland the 'summer' season is particularly short and never guaranteed.  At the moment we have had few hot days so I haven't had much chance to wear my summer items. I hope there are still some good days to come or I will need to find ways to work some items into my wardrobe later in the year.

It is not only the half way point for my challenge but it also marks half a year in to my blogging journey. It feels like it might be the wrong time to talk of my blogging experience as I have lost my way a little with blogging and am rather behind on posts and not posting as regularly as I have in the past. Still, I have really enjoyed my first 6 months as a blogger. I have loved making links in the community and the contacts I have made. I am beyond grateful for all the people who have chosen to follow me, comment or just stop by to read my blethers from time to time. The encouragement I have received from people has been so lovely and has kept me going and keeps me on track. You have made me feel incredibly honoured so I thank you all for that and I promise to talk of the weather a little less.

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  1. ever since i started blogging i have started shopping more look very nice in this outfit.:)