Saturday, 23 July 2011

Day 195: Spring/Summer 2011 trend challenge - Tangerine

Today I am creating another look for my Vogue challenge to create all their key Spring/Summer 2011 trends from the clothes I already have in my wardrobe, since I'm banned from shopping. I now have three left which I think are likely to be the most challenging: gathering; flowing and white although I have to say today's look tangerine was a bit of a stretch.

The tangerine look is an extension of the bright shades and colour blocking trends of the season and is all about the vibrant citrus hues of orange.

Vogue UK's Spring/Summer 2011 catwalk report

              • T shirt: East
              • Trousers: Gap
              • Sandals: Clarks

This was about the best I could do in interpreting the tangerine trend. It is far from spot on but definitley in the right ball park. I do like the shade but own very little of it mainly because I am not in the habit of embracing such bright colours.

I think in the case of Lori's Wardrobe versus tangerine that the jury's still out!

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    1. It works. I will be doing this color and mustard as my color of the month in August at Rags.