Thursday, 28 July 2011

Day 200: Dressing dilema

            • Grey t shirt: Gap
            • Black skinnies: Marks and Spencer
            • Pink cardi: Debenhams
            • Pumps: Primark

I liked the look of this outfit as I finally found a way to wear this Gap top which is the ideal length to wear with skinny jeans. The problem with it however, is that it has very odd gathering just in the middle section of the front with ties to pull it in which I think are supposed to tie at the back. When I bought it last year I thought I would be able to find a way to wear it but very soon realised that there was no obvious solution and when researching online I discovered that Gap's website was full of plenty of others as confused as me. I think the answer is not to pull it in too tight but mainly not to fret about it as there are no rules in fashion and I am free to do with it exactly as I wish.


    1. Have you ever tried to belt over the gathered section?

    2. This is polished and cute and perfect for the weekend or a relaxed work environment.