Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 214: Rainy grey

            • Orange T: East
            • Grey cardi: Matalan
            • Grey trousers: H&M
            • Black pumps: Clarks
            • Black flower necklace: East

I know I was going to try not to talk about the weather but it is having so much influence on how I dress at the moment that I can hardly avoid it. We have had twice the rainfall so far this month than we normally get in the whole of August and we are not even half way through yet. It has not stopped raining in three days and it is absoloutely miserable. It is impossible to wear skirts, dresses or anything which involves light fabrics and little summer shoes. The only way I could wear skirts at the moment is with thick tights and knee high boots and I am not quite ready to go down that road and give up on summer yet. That leaves trousers and I don't have that many pairs of 'work' trousers especially as I am trying to avoid the black trouser look.

I have been considering ditching these trousers as they are an odd shape and shade of grey which isn't accurately represented in this image. The grey looks quite cheap and I just don't think they create an elegant look. I was determined to downsize my wardrobe during this year and so far I have a large bin bag in to which I have put about half a dozen items just waiting for me to fetch them back out before they get taken to the charity shop. I need to come up with a plan to throw some things out. I know all the rules of how to do this I just find it so hard to make decisions and let go. Maybe I should set myself a target and some deadlines and get to it.


  1. I like the color combination here. I know what you mean about some items in your wardrobe. I had grey slacks that fit perfectly...and yet the cut of them was no longer what people were wearing. I parted with them.

  2. i really like how the top is the only one giving the color to the wardrobe. it's nice:)