Monday, 15 August 2011

Day 218: Pink monday

        • White T: Gap
        • Pink cardi/top: Gap
        • Skirt: Marks and Spencer
        • Black jacket: Marks and Spencer
        • Pumps: Clarks

I haven't really worn this pink Gap top as I think it looks a bit frumpy. I decided to give it another try today and when I planned the outfit I intended to wear it as a cardigan. Unfortunately, when I put it on I remembered that it is quite narrow across the shoulders and because the fabric is thin, with no structure it doesn't hold its shape on my shoulders. So, I had to wear it buttoned up and I think it might be destined for the bin bag of doom!


  1. Hm....what if you wore it open with a fun top and belted it? I'd suggest a non-black pair of pants, how about gray or navy? I think you'll feel less frumpy overall...

  2. It's a lovely color though!

  3. italian style is beautiful and i love that you are inspired by it! how cool you spent time in florence. i lived in milan for almost two years and really enjoyed every moment. i miss it so much!! thanks for participating in the event darling and i apologize for the belated comment. it's been a busy few days since i returned from mexico!