Sunday, 28 August 2011

Day 231: Striped to the max

I am joining in with Inspiration Monday, although yet again I am taking part at the weekend. Hosted by the lovely Megan and Nora at Two Birds Boutique, every Monday participants recreate or take inspiration from a celebrity look and this week the look belongs to another Olivia, Olivia Wilde.

Olivia Wilde


              • Maxi dress: Primark
              • Striped T: Marks and Spencer
              • Suede shoeboots: Clarks

I don't have many horizontal striped items and certainly nothing to create the head to toe look so I thought I would take elements of the styling and incorporate the stripes, the length, the shoeboots and a bit of the leather with the belt. I quite my interpretaion which is interesting as I am not too sure about Olivia's look which I think is maybe a bit too young for me.



  1. i don't think you are too old for her look, but i do love yours! the long skirt looks great on you!

  2. What a cute outfit! I think you pulled it off better than the others. Use your stripes wisely and you certainly did!

  3. I really love how you layered this look with the dress, the tee and the jacket- it all comes together perfectly!

  4. thank you for the kind words on my blog! i love your interpretation, very similar! the point was to make the outfit your own and you did. that's definitely an outfit i'd wear around town!