Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Day 234: Summer's end

              • Teal skirt: H&M
              • Black T: Gap
              • Grey cardi: Matalan
              • Green beads: Primark
              • Wedges: Clarks

I fear that the skirt and bare leg look won't be around for much longer as the season is definitely on the turn. I do enjoy my winter wardrobe, probably more than my summer one, and every year look forward to being able to get out the woollies and thick tights at the summer's end. This year I am feeling a bit different however, and have some trepidation about it. I started my challenge at the beginning of the year, in the depths of winter, and as I cannot shop for anything new I am a bit fearful that I will spend the last few months of my challenge just recycling old items I wore 9 months ago. The countdown is on to try and get as much wear as I can from my summer things and start to identify items which can be adapted for Autumn/Winter. I hope that I have learned enough over the last few months that I will return to these old items with a new and different eye for remixing.

1 comment:

  1. I love this teal, grey, black color combination on you every time.