Monday, 1 August 2011

Day 204: Spring/Summer 2011 trend challenge - Flowing and wrap up

This is the final look for my Vogue challenge to create all their key Spring/Summer 2011 trends from the clothes I already have in my wardrobe, since I'm banned from shopping. The last theme is flowing.

This look is all about long gowns, floaty fabrics and billowing skirts.

 Vogue UK's Spring/Summer 2011 catwalk report

                • Dress: Planet
                • Shoes: Barratts
It is a real shame that I have to finish my challenge on a trend which has pretty much beaten me. This is really the only item I have in my wardrobe that comes close to the floaty fabrics and I hadn't realised just how much my wardrobe is dominated by cottons, wools and lycras. Yes the dress is floaty and the print is on trend but it is neither long nor billowing. Whilst I love the look of these romantic elegant dresses I appear not to actually be a flowing girl and although these styles in Vogue look beautiful they just aren't condusive to my climate or lifestyle.
I think in the case of Lori's Wardrobe versus flowing that this season's trend cannot be successfully created from my wardrobe and requires a visit to the High Street.
However, how has the challenge gone overall? I think on the whole it has been a great success and here is a quick rundown.
I was keen to challenge myself and having recieved a supplement in UK Vogue at the beginning of the year which detailed all the key Spring/Summer 2011 trends I wondered if they could be created from the clothes I already had in my wardrobe as I am on a shopping ban. Could it be done, was it possible to look on trend without shopping for those key season defining items or do our wardrobes already hold all the answers? My journey began on the 15 April.
  • denim, this trend was about denim for all ocassions smart and casual and often head to toe and I tried out the dreaded double denim. Verdict - success!
  • 70s this look was about glamour and mens styling but not costumey. Verdict - success!
  • smart sportswear glamourous sleek sportswear was the look and whilst I created an on trend outfit I wasn't sold on it. Verdict - undecided!
  • blue tones were vibrant and oceanic although I don't have much of that hue in my wardrobe. Verdict - partial success!
  • cover ups  stone colours and trenches was the theme of this trend. Verdict - success!
  • nude elegant skin shades was a key trend. Verdict - success!
  • nature and nature again designers embraced decorative flora and fauna but with a bold interpretation, using pattern and very strong colours - so good I did it twice  Verdict - success!
  • modern craft this look portrayed tassles, feathers, textures and crochet. Verdict - success!
  • colour blocking this was probably the biggest trend of the season and pushed my colour phobia. Verdict - success!
  • fiesta was all about the salsa - peasant blouses, frills and passion. Verdict - success!
  • layers gave a new lease of life to items through multi-layering. Verdict - success!
  • accessories were bright and oversized. Verdict - success!
  • eastern kimonos, chinese prints and hues and Japanese inspired shapes. Verdict - success!
  • tangerine the look was an extension of the bright shades and colour blocking trends of the season and was all about the vibrant citrus hues of orange. Verdict - success!
  • white this season's look was all about elegance, crisp, clean tailoring and perfect lines. Verdict - success!
  • gathering was all about folds, pleats and gathers. Verdict - success!
  • flowing looks were all about volume. Verdict - fail!

As I was limited by what I already own some of the looks were more of an interpretation than a literal creation of the trends. This did not necessarily mean that those looks were weaker it was just that the least successful looks were those where I just did not have the right items, but I still made a fair attempt at every trend. I think I have proven that it can be done, well at least with Spring/Summer 2011 trends. It is not necessary to buy an entire new wardrobe each season to be on trend. I am keen to see if I have the same success with Autumn/Winter 2011 trends, although lets not talk of the cold days of winter just yet. Maybe just maybe our wardrobes do already hold all the answers.

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