Saturday, 28 May 2011

Day 139: Spring/Summer 2011 trend challenge - modern craft

I have yet again been neglecting my Vogue challenge to create all their key Spring/Summer 2011 trends from the clothes I already have in my wardrobe, since I'm banned from shopping.

As a reminder here are the season's key trends as identified by UK Vogue in their Spring/Summer 2011 catwalk report: colour blocking; smart sportswear; modern craft; blue; gathering; flowing; white; denim; fiesta; tangerine; eastern; layers; nude; nature; accessories; cover ups and 70s.

So far I have created these looks - denim, 70s, smart sportswearblue, nude and cover ups and nature. Today I have gone for modern craft which is all about natural home spun looks - crochet, knits, tassles and fringing.

Vogue UK's Spring/Summer 2011 catwalk report

              • Ponco: Marks and Spencer
              • White lst: Primark
              • Jeans: Gap
              • Pink shoes: Primark
              • Necklace: Topshop
              • Bangles: H&M

I could have gone for a loose knit jumper but I remembered about this poncho which I have hardly worn and not for a long time. There is something about ponchos which are difficult to wear without looking dated but not in a cool vintage way. I did quite like the look I created and think it definitely has the essence of the key trend.

I think I have proven in the case of Lori's Wardrobe versus Modern craft that a look featuring one of the season's key trends can be created without a visit to the High Street.

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