Saturday, 21 May 2011

Day 132: Spring/Summer 2011 trend challenge - Nude

Here is Round 6 of my challenge to create all the key Spring/Summer 2011 trends from the clothes I already have in my wardrobe, since I'm banned from shopping, as launched in my FBFF Spring into Summer post.

Today I am recreating the nude look and these skin shades are a direct contrast to the bright colour blocking trends.

Vogue UK's Spring/Summer 2011 catwalk report

              • Pink jumper: Gap
              • Beige trousers: Matala
              • White lst: Marks and Spence
              • Pink shoes: Primark

    I don't own items which could represent head to toe nude so this is my take on the look. These trousers had actually been consigned to the recycling bag as are just too big but I had to go hunting to create this look. I know, I will never throw anything out if I don't break this habit. So I cinched in the waist with a belt and was good to go. I could have done with some accessories with hindsight.

    I think I have proven in the case of Lori's Wardrobe versus Nude that a look featuring one of the season's key tones can be created without a visit to the High Street.

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