Friday, 27 May 2011

Day 138: Electical storm

            • Cream t shirt: George @Asda
            • Blue cardi: Marks and Spencer
            • Jeggings: marks and Spencer
            • Boots: Clarks

This blue cardigan is the same as the one I wore on Day 135: Green must go and this too is looking too big. I do love the colour so am loathe to part with it as well but I really shouldn't be wearing items which are shapeless and don't flatter.

I was only in work this morning as had an engineer coming round this afternoon to fix my heating which has been broken for the last 4 weeks. As I have had a busy few weeks and been away I hadn't got around to fixing it and I had hoped that the weather would improve so it wouldn't be an issue. However it is nearly June and it is still bloomin' freezing! The engineer took about 2 minutes to tell me the pump had gone but that he had one in the van. He had it fitted 5 minutes later and was then on the phone to the HQ passing on my credit card details and was then out the door! It was like a hit and run by heating engineer. Still the house is nice and toasty and I don't have to run from my bed to the shower in the morning any more!

I am behind on my posting (I am writing this on Sunday evening) as I have also had a problem with my computer since Saturday morning. I lost my connection to Windows and it just wouldn't behave. I eventually phoned my internet supplier to check my connection and get some advice. They asked me lots of complicated questions about the version of Windows I had and the type of anti virus software - am I the only one who doesn't know these answers and without a working laptop I can't find them out? I then relayed a message I was getting and he immediately said you have a virus, you need to take it back to the shop and get it fixed and then call us back - goodbye! He made me feel as if he was scared of catching it just by talking to me on the phone! It was a bit like a doctor telling you there is no hope - how rude? Anyway I have since been tinkering about with scans and all sorts of things to try and sort it and discovered I could restore it back to how it was a few days ago before the infection hit! It seemed to work. Thanks for nothing (un)Help(ful) Line!

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  1. I am crazy about those boots and skinny jeans!