Thursday, 12 May 2011

Day 123: Prepared to prepare

              • Top: George @Asda
              • Grey trousers: Marks and Spencer
              • Scarf: Bazaar, Turkey
              • Boots: Clarks

I am going to be away next week and am doing that thing where I've done all my washing yet haven't quite decided what I'm taking so I am trying to create outfits from items I am pretty confident I won't be taking with me. This is leaving me with very few options as I keep thinking maybe I will decide I need that particuar top or those trousers.

The real issue however is being prepared for whatever weather is thrown at me next week. I know this is inching close to becoming a weather watch post, AGAIN, but it is a huge concern. It is that mid point between seasons where the weather is as likely to be freezing cold and rainy as it is to be really warm and sunny. How do you pack a relatively modest suitcase which provides gear for active pursuits such as hiking and messing about on the beach, as well as sight-seeing, shopping and dinner out in all potential weather conditions? And all with the added pressure of having to create a different look every day?

I am a list maker and I will try and plan out the basic items I am going to need such as walking boots and outdoor gear as well as some smarter outfits and then see how everything else in between can be mixed and matched. I'll let you know how it goes. Any advice gratefully received?

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  1. Really pretty blouse.

    I would pick outfits that you can layer. A pair of jeans and a pair of crop pants maybe and the basic tops that you could put the same sweater over if you needed to.