Thursday, 5 May 2011

Day 116: Nearly there..

            • Striped cardi: Marks and Spencer
            • Black T: Marks and Spencer
            • Black skirt: Gap
            • Green tights:
            • Shoes: Marks and Spencer
            • Green beads: East

They say you shouldn't wear horizontal stripes if you're anything other than stick thin. I like stripes so have occasionally thwarted this rule but this picture makes me think this was a foolhardy decision.

The change in location from my lounge to my hall is due to the amount of kitchen paraphernalia stored in my usual photo spot and a lack of energy on my part to move it!

I am withholding any further kitchen shots until it's all done so as not to give away the big reveal. I can divulge that it is nearly there and they hope to be finished up by lunchtime tomorrow - can't wait!


  1. I really like the sweater! I too sometimes try to decide whether or not horizontal stripes are a good idea. I think it might vary from piece to piece. Anyway, I bought a striped shirt yesterday so that must mean I like them!

  2. Hi Meagan
    Thanks for your comments. I really liked this one too and I love the colours in yout romper suit
    Lori xo