Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day 130: This is my own, my native land!

            • Stripey top: Gap
            • Grey jeans: Marks and Spencer
            • Scarf: Gap
            • Necklace: Gap
            • Boots: Clarks

As you can see the weather has not calmed down any for our last full day away.

My mum finally persuaded me to let her have her David Bailey moment which proved tricky in the biting wind. This was taken right outside the cottage so you can see the lovely view we have enjoyed all week. She snapped away shouting directions such as 'I can't see your left arm'  and I yelled back  'I don't care'. There was actually a road between photographer and subject and my worst fears over public photo shoots were realised when a car stopped to let my mum take one of the many shots. She was completely oblivious whereas I was all too aware of the couple looking on in high amusement! Cringe!!!

We spent the day touring around some of the  small fishing villages along the east coast and popped down to the beach too. We also headed to Johnstons of Elgin which is one of Scotland's finest producers of traditional cashmere and they have some of the most beautiful clothes. It was a bit like taking a diabetic to a sweet shop with me not being able to purchase anything. A lot of the items are just a bit beyond my price range anyway but a very happy couple of hours were spent browsing and I felt inspired with some of their looks.

This is my own, my native land!

We went out for a lovely dinner and then to a local viewpoint as the sun went down, a fitting end to a lovely day.

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