Monday, 24 January 2011

Day 15: Dogtooth and mustard

          • Black cardigan: East
          • Black skirt: Gap
          • Mustard yellow top: Gap
          • Tights: Marks and Spencer
          • Shoes: Marks and Spencer
          • Green/blue beads: East
          • Ring: can't remember

This outfit felt like a departure for me however, it is reminiscent of Day 3 which I think is mainly due to the colour scheme and particularly the mustard coloured blouse but the combination worked quite well. The beads are a greeny blue colour although appear more blue in the photo. Sorry, I forgot to show off the ring as my hands are buried in my pockets. I cannot remember where I bought it from but I have had it for a very long time and haven't worn it in ages but the colours fitted in perfectly.  I avoided black tights and went for these dogtooth pattern ones which jazzed it up and also look stripey from afar.


  1. Lovely outfit your wearing. I love your two pops of color. Yay for you remixing your wardrobe!


  2. Thanks, it is a challenge but enjoying it so far. I see we are both fans of jazzy tights

  3. Love it!! And the tights are really cute!!

    Monique xx