Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Day 9: Out and about

          • Purple patterend top: George @ Asda
          • Red woollen blazer: East
          • Black trousers: Marks and Spencer
          • Black boots: Clarks

So today posed somewhat of a dilema. I needed to be in the office this morning and yet out at an important meeting in the afternoon. The meeting was a fair distance away by car and on site at a museum redevelopment and I knew I would be on my feet for most of the afternoon, outside in the cold for a while and also sitting down to a round table meeting too. I therefore needed to be comfy, in flats, warm, smart and professional. I have few outfits which can match all this and these requirements exclude a lot of options from my wardrobe, so this is what I settled on. I say settled as the result is not hugely inspiring particulalrly after yesterdays proclamation to get out of the rut. I often fall back on this jacket for these types of meetings as it is 100% wool and therefore very warm and as it is not structured is comfortable for travelling and fits well under a coat. I normally match it with - wait for it - black or grey so the fact I wore it with this purple top is something new. 

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