Friday, 28 January 2011

Day 19: Friend Friday

          • Top: East
          • Black trousers: Marks and Spencer
          • Black boots: Clarks
          • Black beads: Primark

I did not end up choosing my outfit last night and this morning I fell back into the black trousers and a top routine which has been a frequent work uniform in the past. This top has a cotton top at the front with an attached cardigan type thing. I like the colour but it becomes a bit shapeless as the day goes on and I would ideally like it to be a bit longer.

I have signed up to Friend Friday which poses questions to fashion and beauty bloggers on a set subject and provides a forum to share the answers. I hope to share and learn tips from this and add a bit more variety to my blog. This week's topic is Blogger Mechanics.

1. What technology do you use in blogging? (computer, camera, video camera, tripod, etc...)
I am pretty new to blogging (today is Day 19) and I decided to start off with the equipment I already own to see how it goes and have not yet invested in any specialist equipment. All I use is a point and click digital camera - a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W50 and a laptop, it's a Hewlet Packard Notebook HP G7000.

2. What computer and online technology do you use? (blogging system, photo storage, photo editing tools, etc..)
I use Blogger and it's serving me well but I haven't yet learned all the features and know almost nothing about html codes. I would like to have a much slicker looking styled blog but for now I am concentrating on the content and am learning as I go. I download the pictures I plan to publish on my blog from my camera to my computer's Windows Photo Gallery where I use the most basic of editing tools - crop and red eye reduction. I label them by day and then upload them to my blog.  

3. What is your process for taking pictures?
My process for taking photos can become a bit of a workout. I just don't have time to take pictures in the morning and have considered taking them at work but I would either need to find a private space or seek help from a colleague. I am sure many would be willing but I would feel a little silly posing in front of them and as I am pretty picky I couldn't ask them to take dozens until I am satisfied with one or two images. So, I wait until I get home from work and I then take the picture. Unfortunately, this means I am a bit crumpled from the day and my make up is past its best and I look a bit shiny. Yes I could powder my nose when I get in, and since I don't use photoshop I probably should but I just can't be bothered. I have found a spot where I take the pictures and as I don't have a tripod I have worked out the height the camera needs to be for the location by placing a table on top of another. I have a table top tripod however, I need to turn the camera on its end to take portrait shots and there isn't a hole to attach the tripod on the sides of the camera so I can't use it.  I then line up the camera, set a 10 second timer and dash across the room and strike a pose. I have a very quick look at what I have taken and reset and go again. I hop back and forward repeatedly until I think I have a few shots to choose from and then I upload.

4. When it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider? Do you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily?
At the moment I am taking daily pictures in the same inside location partly because of the lighting. I have the set up all worked out and as I am using a timer it would take a long time to set up at different locations and it is currently too cold outside. However, I live in a beautiful city and I am really keen to show it off as there are so many possible locations. I haven't come across many blogs from the UK yet and most of the blogs I love and follow are in the USA and I am sure my blogging sisters across the pond would love to see my city. Once the weather is warmer I will try some outdoors shots.

5. If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment what would you be buying?
As it's early days I don't yet know what I really need or what could change my life but a better camera might be on the list. I am seriously thinking in investing in photoshop so I can improve my pictures. I know that my images aren't exactly how I would like them and I could really do with some decent red eye software. I have read so many blogs which say that professional pictures are the key and those blogs have the most followers. Personally I do enjoy the aesthetics of good images but it is the content which really draws me in. What do you guys think?

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  1. Welcome to FBFF, well, and welcome to the blogging world. Your blog looks great for only being about this for the last 19 days! Impressive. - Katy