Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day 18: I like your style

            • Gray cardigan: Gap
            • Black T: Tu, Sainsbury
            • Grey woollen skirt: Marks and Spencer
            • Black tights: Marks and Spencer
            • Black shoe boots: Marks and Spencer
            • Snow leopard print scarf: Next

It is lovely when you get compliments at work on the things you are wearing and today someone said nice things about my cardigan and another admired my shoe boots. I believe I have actually had more compliments in the last couple of weeks from my colleagues than normal. Maybe it's because I am paying more attention to what I am wearing, what they are saying or maybe they are all still full of Christmas cheer, whichever way, thank you, I like it!

I had a full day of training at work so I wanted to wear something comfy yet smart. Tomorrow I have an early start and a meeting in Glasgow so should go off now and give some thought to tomorrow's outfit so I am not running around aimlessly in the morning. Night, night x


  1. Cute shoes!