Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day 16: A bag's not just for Christmas...

          • Red woollen blazer: East
          • Velvet skirt: East
          • Black long sleeved T: Uniqlo
          • Black tights: Marks and Spencer
          • Bag: Ouch@ Dowhill Country Fayre, gift

What shoes were you wearing, you may well ask? Well, I was wearing my Ugg boots when I took this photo and the result was not for posting, so it was cropped. I was tempted to not post today but that wouldn't be a true record and as I plan to have 365 posts then that would make my end point further away. I should maybe have posted a picture with the Uggs to teach myself a lesson but I think I've learned it.

Like last week, I was in the office in the morning and then had a meeting at a park in the afternoon. I needed to be smart for the round table meeting, warm outside and wearing comfy footwear which would withstand the elements. I changed in to low heeled black pumps when I was arrived at the office (I think I need to report soon on the collection of shoes I have under my desk at work) and had the Uggs on when outside.

Anyway, enough about my feet what do you make of the bag? Love it!! I saw this bag a couple of months ago when I went out for lunch with my family and we then visted Dowhill Country Fayre. It caught my eye as was really different and I thought about buying it but didn't. Lo and behold, when should it next make an appearance, but Christmas morning - thanks mum er Santa.

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