Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 7: One week in

        • Black long sleeved T-shirt: Primark
        • Jeggings: Marks and spencer
        • Gray cardi with sparkly detail: Gap
        • Black boots: Clarks

I have made it to the end of the first week. I am not finishing my first week on an outfit high as it is a Sunday and my day was destined for pottering about, housework and catching up with correspondence, but hey at least I made it out of my pyjamas.

So what have I learned so far? Well, I started this blog to re-engage with my wardrobe and in this it is still early days. I have not yet been challenged to remix and have been so busy that the lure of the shops has not yet come a calling. What I have learned is that finding the time to blog has been more difficult than I expected and as this has been a busy week I have also not planned outfits which is what I hoped to do. I am going to put more effort in to thinking through outifts in advance rather than opening the wardrobe door in the morning, when I am running late, and thinking help! I have discovered that I really enjoy writing and creating the blog and I am excited to make it more creative. Although this blog is primarlily for me I would like others to read it and there is a whole community of bloggers out there to connect with and I'd like to make some new friends.

Here's to you week two xx 

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