Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Day 52: Goodbye 30

          • Trousers: H&M
          • Black lst: Matalan
          • Black cardigan: Marks and Spencer
          • Black boots: Clarks
          • Scarf: Tesco

Is it wrong that I am so relieved to be finished with the 30 for 30 challenge? This is the first time I have done it and I did enjoy most of it but I have to say I am not disappointed that it has come to an end. I have done a bit of an analysis of the challenge to see what I have got out of it and here is what I made of it all.

I was very excited to hear Kendi announcing a new 30 for 30 challenge at the end of January as I had watched the Autumn one with interest. Although I was only 23 days in to my own 1 wardrobe, 1 year, 365 looks challenge I felt that I had been floating along and could do with a crash course in remixing. I spent a lot of time choosing my 30 items and mapped out all the occasions I knew I would be dressing for over the 30 days. I didn't plan out the full month's worth of outfits but I did plan out quite a few and made sure I chose items which were likely to be complimentary.

The shopping ban certainly wasn't a problem as I am not shopping for one year anyway and I managed to wear every item although some items got a lot more wear than others. What this experience has achieved is it has made me feel excited to return to the rest of my wardrobe and the hundreds of outfit options that lie within it. Would I do it again? Yes and next time I will be braver.

First 10
I was full of enthusiasm at the beginning and most of the outfits had been planned ahead of the challenge. I remixed almost all of my 30 items within the first 10 days and I should maybe have paced myself a bit in order to provide more variety towards the end.
  • Hits - Day 2's green tights, Day 10's belt received lots of compliments
  • Misses - Day 1's grey trousers - think they're for the charity shop bag
  • Favourite look - Day 9


Second 10
I made a concious effort to remix in the rest of the items and realising that the original brown boots weren't going to work I made a substitution.
  • Hits - Day 12's boots and the scarf on Day 5
  • Misses - Day 18 and 20 were lazy looks
  • Favourite look - Day 14 received a number of compliments

Final 10
By Day 20 I was starting to feel restricted by the challenge and keen to get through the last hurdle. I hadn't planned outfits as far in to the challenge as this and could have invested more time in planning th
  • Hits - Day 27 's weekend look and Day 24 although this would have been better suited to the weekend rather than for work.
  • Misses - Day 26 and I gave the grey trousers another chance on Day 30 and I still think they should go
  • Favourite look - Day 21 as I liked the matching dress and tights

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