Saturday, 19 March 2011

Day 69: Beach life

          • Grey jumper: East
          • Jeggings: Marks and Spencer
          • Black cami: H&M
          • Snow leopard scarf: Next
          • Shoes: Marks and Spencer
          • Coat: Debenhams
          • Bag: Ouch@ Dowhill Country Fayre, gift

I went down the coast with family for lunch to a place at the seaside and as it was such a lovely day we went for a walk on the beach after. Well I say a walk on the beach this is actually as far on to the beach that we got but we did take this shot and have a walk along the pier.

I have had this coat for a number of years but it has got a huge amount of wear this year because the weather has been so wet. It is the only coat I have which is waterproof, warm, a longer length and felexible for work or weekends.  However, it is starting to look a bit worse for wear, it has lost a lot of its puffiness, it has faded in places and become so worn on the shoulders from my handbag that the material is starting to split. Where am I going with this you may ask, or may already suspect? I am in need of a new coat! It is late March and although Spring is definitely in the air I live in Scotland and the rain and cold is likely to be far from over. So here I face the first real dilema of my 1 wardrobe, 1 year, 365 looks challenge. Do I break the challenge a buy this one item? Can I hold on until the weather breaks? Well probably, yes. If I did decide to buy a new coat it would be replacing this one so my wardrobe wouldn't be gaining an item. I also wouldn't be making an impulse purchase as I was wont to do in the past, instead I would be making a purchase based on a well considered need. I will ponder on it but any views would be most welcome? 

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