Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day 70: Scarf attack

          • Jeans: Gap
          • Black T shirt: Marks and Spencer
          • Blue top: East
          • Silver shoes: Marks and Spencer

I was browsing through blogs last week and noticed that Beth over at  B Jones Style had been Spring cleaning her wardrobe and one of her tasks was to put away her heavy winter scarves and bring out the new lighter summer styles. It has never occurred to me to pack away some of my scarves and that they could be seasonal. Certainly, I ditch the woollen scarves during the summer months but the rest of the scarves and pashmina's of varying weight seem to do me all year round. As I have said before the Scottish climate does mean that for me there is no clear seasonal wardrobe and no ceremonial packing up of winter and bringing back the summer wardrobe.  So I had a wee look at the scarf rack and despite having quite a collection what really strikes me is the array of colours - quite a contrast to the rest of my wardrobe. I guess I'll be seeing quite a lot of them over the coming months. 

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