Monday, 7 March 2011

Day 57: To keep or not to keep

          • Grey trousers: Marks and Spencer
          • Green top: Marks and Spencer
          • Black cardi: H&M
          • Black boots: Clarks
          • Necklace: East

This necklace is so heavy that my neck is aching by the end of the day however, the green tones match in with the top so it is worth the effort. The grey wide leg trousers hang well at the beginning of the day but by the time I am heading home, as can be seen in this picture, they become a bit shapeless. Although you cannot see clearly this cardigan is really past its best so I should really ditch it. This challenge is starting to make me address my past reluctance to part with items in my wardrobe which aren't working. Seeing my outfit in a photo and then having to post it sometimes reveals what the mirror hides. I have begun to earmark some items which shouldn't be in my wardrobe temptimg me when I am least prepared. I will keep you posted of what is getting the heave ho!

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