Saturday, 26 March 2011

Day 76: Watch the birdie


            • Grey sweater dress: Marks and Spencer
            • Black leggings: Gap
            • Scarf: Marks and Spencer
            • Boots: Primark
            • Earrings: Miss Selfridge

As this jumper has shorter sleeves it is the first time I have worn it in a while but now that the weather is warmer I decided to bring it back out. It is quite an odd shape as is a bit too baggy although it definitely had a tighter fit when I bought it. I like this outfit but I am not sure for how much longer I will be wearing woollen scarfs and knee high boots.

During the Paper Doll Project I told of how my partner suggested I wear fun earrings and that I no longer owned any, well I had forgotten about these little cuties. They aren't obviously gimmicky and its not until you look at them closely that you realise exactly what they are - which is all part of the fun!

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