Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Day 58: Dots or not

              • Red top: Marks and Spencer
              • Grey wool Skirt: Marks and Spencer
              • Black cardi: East
              • Shoes: Marks and Spencer

I was hoping to participate in Everybody Everywear's polka dots day today however after scouring my wardrobe I discovered that it is a polka dot free zone. Given my fondness for hanging on to items I am quite perplexed by this state of affairs. Anyway, I unearthed a red and white scarf with some spots on it so I put on this red top this morning ready to join in the fun. Well, I say scarf, but once the outfit was assembled it looked more like a neckerchief and I really wasn't feeling in the mood for pirate chic today. Better luck next time me hearties, yarrrr!


  1. but pirate chic is so fun! =) red is your it on you!

  2. Thanks guys
    I'm definitely not averse to rocking the occassional pirate look.
    Lori xo