Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Day 72: Paper Doll Project


          • Flowery blouse: George@ Asda
          • Pink cardi: Debenhams
          • Grey trousers: New Look
          • Brown wedge boots: Monsoon
          • Black booties: Marks and Spencer
          • Wooden earrings: East
          • Wooden bangles: Topshop
          • Black belt: H&M

Today is the first  Paper Doll Project which I have been very much looking forward to with lots of excitement and a bit of apprehension too. The wonderfully inspiring Suze at Miss Vinyl Ahoy is hosting the event. Those partipating are partnered up with another blogger and each chooses one item from their wardrobe for the other to create a look round, dressing each other for the day.

There is something ever so slightly scary about putting your outfit in the hands of someone else and when I found out I had been matched up as part of a threesome with Suze, the project leader and our host, and Rach from Ordinarily Urbane I was pretty daunted to say the least as Rachel's stylye is so cool and Suze's love of colour is legendary. Suze is styling me, I am styling Rach and Rach is styling Suze. I spent some time last night going through Rach's blog archive to put together a look for her based round a black maxi skirt and I found it really fun, although she has so many fab clothes it was a real challenge too.

I chose my grey trousers for Suze to work around as I have been struggling a bit with how to style them and was keen to see what someone else would suggest. As I am about 6 hours ahead of Suze I only discovered my outfit from her this morning when I logged on first thing and had to run around the house trying to locate everything. She warned me that colour is her thing but I was glad to be pushed to embrace it. I must confess, one of the items had to be extracted from the laundry basket but luckily had only been worn once and was pretty clean - that'll teach me to fall behind on doing my laundry. Her instructions gave me an option between the brown boots and the black booties and I wore the long boots to work this morning but changed in to the balck boots when I had a meeting as felt they made the look a bit smarter. She also suggested I accessorise with a pair of 'fun' earrings which stumped me for a bit as I realised I don't have many/any earrings which could be described as fun. When I first got my ears pierced at age 15 I bought lots of fun earrings, although it was the eighties so everyone wore big bright plastic earrings, cats, parrots you name it. So when I unearthed these wooden ones I thought they would do the job and then I went a step further and added the bangles.

Rach is postponing her outfit as she is involved in NOLA Fashion Week but she said she loves my outfit choice so I can't wait to see her in it next week and how everyone else has got on today.

Thanks Suze for the amazing outfit and for hosting this event - it's been fab!

Paper Doll Project


  1. Hello, fellow Edinburgh blogger! I've not met any other fahion bloggers either, though I know of a girl who is a vet student (hello mr. fox or something along these lines?) and I know a few etsy sellers who blog.

    I love the outfit that suze has picked by the way!

  2. You look fantastic! Suze did amazing!

  3. Thanks Kelsey - she did a great job forcing me to embrace colour. I really enjoyed it
    Lori xo