Thursday, 17 March 2011

Day 67: Wardrobe conspiracy

          • Blue top: George @Asda
          • Grey skirt: Marks and Spencer
          • Black cardi: East
          • Black shoes: Marks and Spencer

Do you ever have days when your clothes play tricks on you? I was both pleased and perplexed when this blue top turned up in one of my drawers this morning. I had been looking for it when I was choosing my items to include in the 30 for 30 challenge and I could not find even a thread of it. I searched everywhere and turned my drawers inside out trying to hunt it down but to no avail. As the colour is a vibrant electric blue I thought it would be a great item to remix and it could be adapted for work and for more casual looks. However, as it remained elusive I had to abandon the plan and find another option. I had begun to wonder if I had put the top out in the bag to go to the charity shop and was starting to regret that decision.  Then, this morning, I opened the drawer to find a jumper I wanted to pack for my weekend visit to see family, and after lifting up a couple of things, there lay the blue top, clear as day , brazen and bold as you like. So I grabbed it to wear today before it disappeared on me again, the tricky little trickster. As for the top I had been looking for - nowhere to be seen!

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